Cloud Marketing Plans


Cloud properties represent channels owned such as a website or blog and therefore constitute some of the best long term return on capital investment.




Cloud assets are channels such as a Facebook or LinkedIn page where there is an invested amount of time, content and audience which brings a significant value of influence contributing to the overall cloud quotient.

Cloud Channels

Cloud Channels Represent Individual Campaigns Cloudience builds, engages and maintains on a daily basis building your audience over time.  Cloudience stays abreast of the best in class and best practices to build your channel where it matters most.

Web Design is at the core of your entire marketing campaign. It speaks and acts more than all other cloud marketing channels. Your website is an internet property whose capitol investments are fully retained. Cloudience design involves responsive home page presentations, latest front end, Apple Retina & touch capable slides, full width video or photo backgrounds, Paralax scrolling along with any custom feature desired.

Inc, Forbes, Entreprenuer along with Google and all digital marketing experts agree, you cannot do digital marketing without a mobile marketing campaign. Cloudience harnesses the best practices of mobile marketing including mobile custom site design showcasing only the most touch friendly calls to action your visitors should take. We then set out to market your mobile site on all the top mobile and location driven directories.

Blog Campaigning is a powerful addition to any Cloud Marketing Portfolio with relevant and consistent engagement. Your Blog is an internet property that can be either connected to or apart from your website producing content that creates, engages and builds an audience and community.

Email marketing is far from dead. In fact more people use email than Google. Every serious business must manage a strategic monthly email marketing campaign targeting new/existing clients profiles keeping your business at top of mind. Cloudience employs proper opt-in strategies, lead funneling forms, drip campaigns and customized design which all serves to generate positive responses and conversions from your audience.

Visitors abandon your site for numerous reasons including limited time, comparison shopping or inability to make an immediate decision. Cloud re-targeting leverages the most highly qualified repeat visits leading to a greater effectiveness of all other cloud campaigns through a greater conversion rate.

  • Top of Mind Brand Awareness
  • Brand Recall with high impressions – Low hanging fruit of digital marketing
  • Greater Visitor Engagement – Average 75% higher view rate
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Maximum ROI on Search Marketing Investment

Cloudience Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enlists our team of New York and Arizona based SEO experts, content writers, syndicators and cloud conversion experts within our powerful cloud management system bringing you the “always current” best practices of SEO. Our proven strategy consistently brings each of our clients to the top of search rankings for their keywords.

Google is a popularity contest and therefore the Social Signal is a key differentiator between your site vs the next.

1 Social (Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog) site creation

Post relevant content from products/services, industry related interests, photos/videos, quotes, holidays & events
Promote engagement, followers, comments & likes from real clients across all existing cloud platforms
Site maintenance, SEO back-links and trends
Cloud Funnelling and lead nurturing platform
Trends Dashboard
Post Per Month 12 (Twitter 20) – Cost per add. post $15 (Twitter $10) – Add. social platform campaign $499

1 YouTube Channel Created and Managed
1 Unique video created monthly with high yield search terms for SEO
Promote vidoes using client submitted content, products, services, photos, holidays, special events and licensed music whererever applicable
Cloud Marketing integration across platforms
Manage, user engagement, cloud funnelling, lead nurturing, channel maintenance and SEO backlinks
Additional Video Creation $179

Scout all internet platforms for positive mentions. Broadcast those mentions on your website
Address and respond to negative reviews wherever they exist online proactively
Multiply and promote positive reviews from real clients, customer and prospects across all cloud platforms
Cloud Funnelling and lead nurturing platform
Trends Dashboard


Cloud Marketing Plans vary based on the number of Cloud Channels and volume of campaigning. Your own cloud marketing team sets off to research, design, develop, write, quote, produce, syndicate and post content worthy of your brand or idea.

Cloudience will create rich and relevant content then broadcast it in real time to engage your audience and search engines to bring them inbound to you.  Your Cloud “Trends” Dashboard is a 24/7 simplified analytics tool allowing you to see who, where and how many clicks/calls came in as a direct result of our your Cloud campaigning.

A Cloud Marketing Expert will help you choose the plan and Cloud Channel that fits your needs for your present and projected growth.

The plans to the right are pre-configured.  For additional volume and associated discounts on any plan or channel, inquire with your Cloud Marketing Expert to customize a plan.


  • Rain
  • $697*
  • Website plus Choice of 1 Cloud Channel
  • Web Management & Maintenance
  • Basic Onsite SEO
  • 1 Cloud Channel
  • Research & Custom Content Creation
  • Inbound Cloud Marketing
  • Article Syndication
  • Per Channel Price $599*
  • Start


  • Shower
  • $1897*
  • Website plus Choice of 3 Cloud Channels
  • Web Management & Maintenance
  • Broad SEO Campaining
  • 3 Cloud Channels
  • Research & Custom Content Creation
  • Inbound Cloud Marketing
  • Article & News Syndication
  • Per Channel Price $589*
  • Start


  • Storm
  • Inquire
  • Website plus Choice of 5 Cloud Channels
  • Web Management & Maintenance
  • High Level SEO
  • 5 Cloud Channels
  • Research & Custom Content Creation
  • Inbound Cloud Marketing
  • Article, News & Press Releases
  • Per Channel Price Inquire
  • Start


*Cloud marketing deliverables and pricing apply to campaigns exclusively designed and originated by Cloudience. Exisitng or custom marketing services are available based on assessed management requirements and scope of work.