Staying In Is The New Going Out

The economic slowdown has fueled incredible growth online as consumers save time, money and travel expenses. More empowered than ever with tablets and smart phones, consumers spend more time searching and buying in the digital space. Online marketing taps into a qualified audience searching, right now, for your product or service.

Key Benefits of Cloud Marketing:

✓ Unlimited Visibility SEO
– Provides businesses with the ability to reach a large number of consumers at home or abroad
– Measurable and efficient with sophisticated reporting and tracking tools

✓ Email Marketing
– Traditional ads are limited and shotgun approach whereas Cloud Marketing reaches your target market

✓ Social Media Marketing
– Saves business owners avg of 30 hrs per month on marketing activities

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✓ Join The Mobile Revolution

Mobile is the number one focus in online activity today.  As a business owner you already know the increasing usage of mobile devices by consumers. This presents a huge opportunity for you to reach more  business in your local area. Mobile will continue to grow rapidly in the upcoming years presenting unprecedented opportunity for your business. The time to go mobile is now.

✓ Unlimited Visibility SEO

Without traffic, the best website is like a billboard on a cornfield in the middle of Iowa.  Search engine results depend on some important on-site/off-site activities including key phrase strategy, link structure, quality content, social, mobile, video, etc. etc.  Cloudience relieves you of the hassle, simplifies the process and offers you an affordable, hands off solution to get you found online.

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Email Marketing

✓ Email Marketing

Self titled 'experts' claimed that email marketing was dead perhaps due to CAN spam regulations, but seasoned marketers know it is anything but dead. The simple fact is email remains the most dominant method of sharing information to date.  More people use email than Google. Email also wins dollar for dollar in return on investment. Email may not be the latest strategy, but it remains on the top of all serious online marketing portfolios. 

✓ Social Media Marketing

With social media usage dominated by Facebook, Twitter and several other platforms, its no wonder where your audience spends their time. Traditional marketing strategies are no longer enough. Fast paced companies are adapting the social element and reaching a broader audience online.

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So what is Cloud Marketing?

Cloud Marketing is a simpler and more accountable approach to building visibility and driving qualified leads to your doorstep.

Cloud Marketing allows you to capitalize on the level playing field of search results by creating and building your cloud platforms to broadcast your message quickly and effectively.

While the marketing dashboard allows you to be in the driver’s seat, Cloudience will be the copilot along the way.  We will assess your specific campaign requirements, help you decide which platforms make sense and get started.  We work with your existing marketing collateral or build it all from scratch.

Our New York based content writers get to work creating a message that showcases and syndicates your business on multiple high value platforms and sites. We can catch the consumer at whatever stage of the buying cycle they are in whether it is to seed interest, persuade or sell online.

Cloudience builds your cloud audience through a combination of the most effective online marketing strategies listed below.

How important is your web strategy in your overall advertising plan?

Ask the companies transitioning from traditional “brick & mortar” local business. One of our clients, a small garage door service in Phoenix spends over $20,000 per month on their online marketing calling it the single most important investment in their organization… because it works! Cloudience solutions are innovative, affordable and far more convenient. We understand time constraints of small businesses and work to create a solution with the least amount of involvement from our clients.