Healthcare Practice Total IT Support

Cloudience cares for the technology that runs it all so you can care for your patients. Our knowledge of HIPAA and meaningful use requirements separate us from other IT vendors and helps you safely protect your data. We take the care to ensure all ePHI and critical data is properly secured and data is highly available. We offer all the benefits of having your own Management Information System (MIS) department for a fraction of the cost of hiring even one IT resource.

Some of the web & IT services we offer to the Healthcare industry are:

✓ Help Desk

✓ PACS & Radiology VPNs

✓ EMR, EHR and Scheduling Support

✓ HIPAA Compliance

✓ 24/7, 365 Security Monitoring

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Help Desk

Your Doctors, Front Office Staff, Medical Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and other critical staff now have a resource they can rely on for immediate response and resolution of day to day desktop and tier 1 hang ups.

PACS & Radiology VPNs

Make decisions, transfer vendors, save time and save money with an IT partner that knows PACS viewers, servers and VPNs for security transfer of imaging modalities.

EMR, EHR and Scheduling Support

Choose the best software, Issue the right credentials, schedule and send patient reminders, setup the right fax and network scanning capabilities to simply fuel your staff to work at their best.

HIPAA Compliance

With HIPAA and Meaningful use regulations in full force, it is nearly impossible to navigate PHI security cocerns alone. Cloudience can assess, secure, audit and report on compliance graniting your organization peace of mind assurance.

24/7, 365 Security Monitoring

Our comprehensive approach means we serve your business day and night proactively and responsively monitoring your systems and respoding as your IT department even when you are not aware.