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Our lives now revolve around the internet. We shop, bank, communicate and surf at home, work and public places. We use fixed and mobile devices unaware of real threats, trusting somehow our presence flies under the radar. Every single interaction, however, places our data, business, clients and reputation at risk.

With over 90 million unique strains of malware, ransomware, variants of spam, spoofing and bot attacks, valuable data is more vulnerable than you would think. Are you prepared if your smart phones or mobile devices were lost or stolen with confidential information placed in rogue hands? Have you protected your business from unauthorized device usage, unbridled internet surfing or overt hacking?

Statistically, within 24 hours of connecting a device to the public internet you are already targeted. The amount of vulnerabilities we find on the unattended network is staggering. These back doors pose significant security threats and would bar your company from passing simple compliance standards.

Cloudience offers a comprehensive strategy for assessing, eliminating and defending from these threats.  We fortify our clients with top hardware and cloud security vendors utilizing best practices to address vulnerabilities and mitigate risks that threaten your business, clients and reputation.

We can conduct a full analysis of security patches, rogue accounts, IT policies and exposed data that should be locked down.

In 2020 is your IT up to speed with data protection? Let us give you:

✓ Some initial tips and best practice suggestions from professionals

✓ Valuable recommendations for cost saving opportunities

✓ Opportunities within your existing environment to improve efficiency

✓ Suggestions for technologies to extend your capabilities

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