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Managing and running a successful website takes a lot more time and experience than ever.  With Cloudience Managed Web Services, you have a webmaster to help you continually improve and expand your online strategy.  You’ll have valuable support and insight for planning and building right at your side. We’ll keep your website up to date, implementing critical updates, “on the fly” design changes and continual SEO compliance so your customers only see you at your best.  When you need to make any changes we’re just a phone call or a support click away. Running an SEO, Adwords or Social Media campaign?  Managed Web Services is imperative for making changes and adjusting your strategy to keep up with keyword research and split testing. Web Services gives you the agility to make spontaneous changes based on market trends or business opportunities.

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Web Maintenance

✓ 300% more features for 1/3 the Price

Rosatis Pizza in Chandler began to pay a prominent Phoenix competitor nearly $300 for maintenance and hosting of their website, after moving to Cloudience, their services increased 300% and costs decreased by almost 1/3 the price. Cloudience not only serviced their hosting and maintenance, but added active site security to guard against malware attacks, cached speed optimization, SEO compliance to make their site more visible on Google and usability consulting to help them better plan their online marketing plan.


✓ Features and Pricing

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USABILITY CONSULTATIONWith Web Management you have direct access to our web designers for instructions on the direction of your website at any stage of the game. We consult with you on the latest methods, techniques and strategies to help your website grow. This includes how we can utilize your site upgrade options to adjust for changing market strategies, colors, keywords, images, videos and calls to action. Perhaps you want to adjust your strategy based on new Google Adwords campaigning. We are there to help you make those changes as a part of your Web Management plan.YesYesYes
RESPONSIVE SUPPORTWe listen and act on you questions and requests with an assuring concern and response time. We become a partner in the success of your business by providing the best customer service when you need it. Your success is ours and therefore, we want your online presentation to be extraordinary.YesYesYes
HOSTING ON POWERFUL SERVERSStudies conclude the average web surfer leaves a site if they don’t see what they are looking for within six seconds. Furthermore, Google promotes faster loading websites on their search algorithm citing a better user experience. We have bench-marked our servers performance against our top competitors hosting the same cms platform with twice the speed of our most popular competitor.YesYesYes
SITE SECURITYDatabase driven websites today are the chief vehicle of hackers and spam opportunists. This problem is pandemic and requires serious forethought and prevention measures. When your site is attacked Google and other search crawlers will quickly black list your site costing your business valuable time and tarnishing your safely guarded reputation. Updates are often released for your core database files. These are also key to a secure and fast loading site. Rest assured, we handle all those updates so you don’t have to worry at all. Keep hackers and viruses at bay with our security features.YesYesYes
SITE SPEED OPTIMIZATIONIt seems obvious that your website should load faster than your competition… right? The reality is that so many build a website with load speed as an afterthought. Some web design companies don’t even talk about it. Google is talking about it and rewarding those sites that optimize their speed with additional page rankings. Because the nature of most of our websites today are database driven, a continual maintenance of optimization and repair is needed to run a CMS site effectively and optimally. We monitor, clean and optimize your site continually for peak performance. Updates are often released for your core database files. These are also key to a secure and fast loading site. Rest assured, we handle all those updates so you don’t have to worry.YesYesYes
SEO Compliance and ConsultingWhile Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a multi-pronged strategy employing both on-page and off-page optimization, our Web Management SEO Compliance assures that your website is built and maintained with proper titles, naming, url structure, meta tags, alt tags, descriptions and sitemaps to assure your site is going to be loved by search engine crawlers.YesYesYes
Graphic Design ChangeRunning a website or online campaign is a tremendous task when you are the one making all the changes & updates. Those changes can be frequent, time consuming and costly. With Web Management, not only can you off-load the cost but also the frustration. With Web Management you can make several changes to your website design and content every month. Simply email or submit a change request ticket and the changes will be done quickly. We treat all of our Web Management clients with utmost care and priority. If your change is business critical we escalate its priority and in some cases make the change on the same day.1 Monthly2 Monthly4 Monthly
1 Monthly2 Monthly4 Monthly
Image1 Monthly2 Monthly4 Monthly
Text Updates1 Monthly
EMAIL MODIFICATION AND SUPPORTChanging and modifying email accounts is no longer your hassle. Web Management does it for you. Simply pick up the phone or send us an email and we will make the modifications on your behalf. We will create new accounts, forwards and multi forwards required to successfully manage your process. We do this with the strictest policies of internal data privacy.
DOMAIN REGISTRATION & MANAGEMENTWe are your Webmaster. We take care of everything regarding your website so you can be free to run your business. Part of that service is keeping your domain name renewed and secured. Although you own the domain name, we cover the cost of renewing it and maintaining it. Improperly maintained registration information can result in the loss of your domain or expensive fees to renew. As your webmaster we safeguard your web assets by maintaining proper domain registrar information for public notice and search engine merit. We also maintain your domain privacy (when requested), secure ssl certificates, static IP addresses and keep your site free from search engine blacklisting.1210
Unique IP Address1210
SSL Certificate1Universal
Remote Configuration SupportOne of the options that set us apart from all our competition is Cloud Connect. Its one thing to listen to a support tech on the phone ramble off technical jargon, quite another to have a Cloudience Expert connect remotely and work with you on your system for up to 1 per session helping you configure your email or teach you how to operate your website & cloud dashboard 1hr Monthly2hrs Monthly5hrs Monthly

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