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“…all the way to the completion of multiple projects it was a great experience. Would suggest them to anyone needing IT services”

Braden Lucas | Electrameccanica

“Cloudience has made our processes simple, secure and efficient. Way to go!”

Mary Lange | Biotech Executive Assistant

“Cloudience is our partner for all things IT. They handle all our tech needs, including cybersecurity, cloud backup, network infrastructure, wifi, and more.”

Dr. Pierce Waychoff | Director Pain Stop Clinics

“Cloudience’s project management was fantastic — that was the best part of our engagement.” 

Rebekah Wilhelm | PSC Surgical Centers

“After one conversation with them, I didn’t feel the need to shop around any further.”  

Matt Baldock | Property Management COO

“Excellent company! They have tons of knowledge and are really good at what they do.”

Bryan Kowakich | Unifi Network Owner

“Every time I call for help they’re always there, are really patient with you and walk you through to resolve your issue”

Nidia Vazquez | Automotive Manager

“very helpful, professional and made sure l was taken care of”

Zack Cosic | Healthcare Clinic Manager

“Prompt, friendly and helpful.”

Gwen Hines | Life Sciences QA Manager

“good communication, fast service and quality work.”

Greg Davis | CEO Iplan Consulting

“went above and beyond in our time of need. Great job by a great team.”

Tom Marracci | CIO Aerospace

“Cloudince is always quick to respond with every request… also very patient when the problem is caused by user error… have a few chuckles.”

Traci Chrisman | Healthcare Billing Manager

“Great customer service and problem solving”

Leyla Kellog | Healthcare Office Manager

“Great customer service, efficient, and fast”

Esther Ochoa | Multi-Family Property Manager

“Great job as always”

Daniel Prepas | Healthcare Legal Counsel

“Very quick response and resolution.”

Adriene Makula | Automotive Enterprise

” they’re so friendly! Great people to work with! :)”

Virginia Salata | PSC Surgical Center Office

“I highly recommend Cloudience for all your IT needs”

Shelly Powser | Unity Doctors

“Always able to help :)”

Linda Petersen | Unity Spine & Joint


“fast and accurate on everything”

Rhyan Brandt | System Admin Mobisquad


“made scheduling so much easier, faster and more efficient!”

Sarah Riedel | Medspa Corporate Manager

Start or boost your IT for as little as $149/mo

With unlimited M365 / Google Workspace support

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Do “IT” Right

Meet today’s technology needs while anticipating tomorrow’s growth. Cloudience brings IT simplicity, insight and agility.

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Startup Businesses

Cloudience helps you roadmap IT with the right technology from the start while keeping your 2-5 year growth plan in focus. Adopt the perfect platforms while minimizing CapEx. We’ll help you navigate from early-stage to commercialization.

Simplify Your IT

Streamline your franchise, multi-site, or highly regulated organization with standard equipment, process and compliance. With effortless transition to next-gen equipment and services, we simplify deployments and level up your business processes.

Personalized Support

You have specific software, cloud platforms, personalities and nuances. We tailor processes, roadmaps & runbooks to your specific needs. You get a dedicated team of 4 friendly, US-based techs to support your environment 24/7.

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Priority IT support for small and growing businesses


Unlimited support with managed security and compliance 


24/7 Support with Advanced Security and CMMC compliance

Scale Up IT Support

Increase day-to-day stability & productivity with rapid IT support, data protection and a well run network.

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Resilience &


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Security &


Employ Zero Trust with intelligent detection, response, meeting compliance requirements while maintaining productivity.

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All the support you need in one place

Hire a single support team instead of a patchwork of vendors and service providers. Call one number or submit one ticket to service all the software and hardware that runs your business. 

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Switch to Cloudience seamlessly with our custom IT handover process. With frictionless onboarding we can transition critical IDP systems in 1 hour with no down time and begin supporting your staff overnight.

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Never lift an IT finger again

With a 70% First call resolution and 15 minute average call response time, we resolve issues in minutes that take your team days or weeks. Tier 1-3 with vendor support for all your line of business apps.

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We have experience in highly complex & regulated sectors such as Healthcare, Biosciences, Automotive, Aerospace, Real Estate & Financial

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What our Clients Say

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The Cloudience team has always been quick to respond and very helpful with all of my questions and concerns. They follow up thoroughly… willing to walk me through the steps I need to take. Very happy with their work for the past few years!!

I’ve used Cloudience for a few years and they always provide great service with a speedy response time. Their techs are each knowledgeable, professional, courteous and provide solutions with awesome attention to detail.

I rave in the way they responded to solving the immediate issues I was facing and the plan they gave to solve going forward. The overall experience getting started excellent..


The entire team at Cloudience have always, 100% of the time, been amongst the most professional and responsive people I have ever done business with. I would recommend them anytime, for any IT based job from simple website work to highly advanced security and IT solutions.