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Manage and Secure Your Remote or Hybrid Workforce

Respond quickly & work from anywhere

Out of nowhere, Covid 19 thrust entities into a work from home scenario with no time for change management. In the wake of this abrupt shift, infrastructures were unprepared for capacity, compliance and subsequent security breaches. As the saying goes, “Big fish swim in troubled waters”. Your remote work tools should be as agile as they are secure in order to perform and endure.

Every vendor is offering their rendition of remote work tools, advice and free trials. With the cost of implementation and adoption far outweighing the initial free trial offer, which tools are right for your remote team and budget?

Cloudience can help you integrate the right technology for your industry and size

Cloudience has the skills, experience and partnerships to assess your existing technologies and find solutions that you may already have while suggesting the right tools you need moving forward. We’ll help you find the perfect balance of productivity, flexibility, cost and security for your business model. With Cloudience you get an IT department at your disposal to help plan, implement support and cost cut without hiring a single IT employee. Cloudience keeps a watchful eye over your remote infrastructure 24/7 365 days a year.

✓ Securely Encrypted VPN
A Traditional VPN enables your staff to securely access on-premise resources such as CRM, applications and files which can only be used traditionally while on site. 

✓ Secure Remote Access
When certain database intense applications won’t jive with some VPN solutions such as Quickbooks and Autocad, Cloudience employs best in class alternatives to meet the need. 

✓ Cloud and Virtualization
Scale faster, reduce downtime, reduce overall management costs, enhance compliance, switch from capital expenditure to operating expense and eliminate boundaries

✓ Bandwidth & Traffic Management
Are your existing remote tools working in spite of limited bandwidth at home offices? Bandwidth is like traffic. If managed properly a household can preserve the quality of service for critical data such as client calls, data transfer and key transactions

✓ Unified Communiations (UCAAS)
How integrated is your phone system while communicating internally, transfering calls, sending text to clients and routing important communications?

✓ Cyber Security Barriers
During temporary or unguarded environment changes, threat vectors prey on vulnerable networks and communication systems. Does your remote workforce employ the right security to protect sensitive data from loss or exposure?

✓ Usage and Reporting
Proper analytics and reporting tools can help you get the most out of a remote workforce. Do you have access to usage reports?

Re-Think how you manage your remote workforce


A Match Made in the Clouds

We have lots of experience with the following business types:

Highly Regulated

  • #1 reason companies move to the Avatara CompleteCloud platform is Security and Compliance.
  • Aerospace/DFARS
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Customer Driven Regulations

Highly Specialized

  • Manufacturers utilizing CAD/CAM, Solidworks, Catia, and the like
  • Engineering companies deploying Civil3D, Bentley systems, GIS software and 100s more
  • Architecture firms designing with Revit, 3D scanning, VR with Lumion
  • Construction companies managing massive data sets and mobile workforces

Complex Enterprise Systems

  • We focus on complexities other IT companies steer away from
  • Robust ERPs & EMRs with multiple servers
  • Entities spread across many sites
  • Highly mobile and guarded workforces
  • Industry machines ie: CNC, XRay, Merchant, Shipping
  • Larger entities with sophisticated needs 

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