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“Cloudience, you saved our business”

~CEO | Multi-Site Automotive Enterprise

Service Category: Disaster Recovery, vCISO, Managed IT


Automotive IT
Samuel JOhnson
Samuel JOhnson
Hired Cloudience to set up my work computer to static. Marcos was the technician that came out. He was so professional and answered all my random questions because I wanted to learn. Marcos did his job in a timely manner and did not run up the clock. What they charge is reasonable and I will definitely use them for my future needs. Monica was also wonderful! She was unavailable and Marcos took my information and Monica called me first thing the next day! They are great assets to the company! Thank you! -Samuel
Pierce Waychoff
Pierce Waychoff
Cloudience Managed IT Services has helped my business immensely. They helped me so much with anything you can think of, regarding IT services. As a small business owner, we are responsible for many different tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. I am a novice in IT services, and they walk me through what are best practices to protect my business. They are experts in security services. Knowing that our IT department is in good hands is such a satisfying feeling to have. I can email or call Cloudience and they are ready and willing to help. They are very prompt in their response as well. I trust Cloudience with all my IT services. Thank you.
Nick Crist
Nick Crist
Dan and his team have played such a major part in our companie's success. The constant 24 hour attention that is given to us is amazing. Dan and his team one time went as far as tracking my partners phone when he lost it on the golf course. We were out of town and it was on the weekend. You will get the hands on attention that is needed as the world of IT continues to get more and more complicated. Thanks Dan and your awesome team!!!!!
Roberto Yanez
Roberto Yanez
Working with Marco and Steve is great. They always are prompt and efficient anytime we have a need. Very responsive and extremely supportive with our business needs. I highly recommend them.
Daniel was awesome. He came into an unknown environment with a really strange and elusive problem, persevered, and figured It out. Monica was a dream and went above and beyond in our time of need. Great job by a great team. Thank you
Traci Chrisman
Traci Chrisman
Working with Marcos is always a pleasure. He is very professional and always takes care of my IT issues. I can always count on Cloudience to get me back on track. Thank you.
Liz Galarza
Liz Galarza
Staff here are great. Marcos is always quick to help and provide quality services. Would recommend to any businesses looking for professional IT services in the valley.
Matt Baldock
Matt Baldock
The entire team at Cloudience have always, 100% of the time, been amongst the most professional and responsive people I have ever done business with. I would recommend them anytime, for any IT based job from simple website work to highly advanced security and IT solutions. I WOULD NOT USE ANYONE ELSE for my company's IT needs.


“Great company to work with! Starting at initial contact all the way to the completion of multiple projects it was a great experience. Would suggest them to anyone needing IT services ”

~IT Director | Electrameccanica

Service Category: MIcrosoft Teams Rooms | Digital transformation

“The entire team at Cloudience have always, 100% of the time, been amongst the most professional and responsive people I have ever done business with. I would recommend them anytime, for any IT based job from simple website work to highly advanced security and IT solutions.”

~General Manager | Construction & Property Management Firm

Service Category: Managed IT, Web Ops, Cybersecurity

Contractor IT Testimonial
Healthcare IT Testimonial


“Cloudience does an excellent job with keeping us safe and protected. ”

~HIPAA Compliance Officer | Healthcare Group

Service Category: Managed IT, Cybersecurity, Compliance


“Cloudience successfully managed our IT and telecommunication growth needs with ease…we needed to partner with a professional and highly trusted IT group to make sure our scientific data was more than secure and that we were fully networked and functional in our new office and laboratory space. I did not hesitate to engage with Dan and Cloudience once again, and I never had any doubts…Their team is highly responsive and knowledgeable. Working in medical and now the science industry, information is highly confidential, and I honestly wouldn’t want any other IT partner than Cloudience on my team.”

~Executive Assistant | Cancer Treatment Biotech Firm

Service Category: Managed IT, Compliance, Cybersecurity

Manufacturing IT Testimonial

“I rave in the way they responded to solving the immediate issues I was facing and the plan they gave to solve going forward. The overall experience getting started excellent..”

~President | Water Filtration Systems Group | Berkshire Hathaway Held Company

Service Category: Managed IT, Web Ops, Cybersecurity

“I’ve used Cloudience for a few years and they always provide great service with a speedy response time. Their techs are each knowledgeable, professional, courteous and provide solutions with awesome attention to detail.”

~Clinic Manager | Surgical Center

Service Category: Managed IT Services, Managed Cloud, Disaster Recovery


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