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Provision access to needed data systems rapidly and securely

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Provision, audit and revoke as needed

Granting your team access to vital resources efficiently and securely is the job of Identity and access management. Who has access to what and when? How many systems do they have access to? Who had access to data when key changes occurred? Identity and access management is also required to meet any regulatory compliance standards. 

Cloudience helps you choose the right tools to simplify access through single-sign-on, consolidate passwords with the right password manager or even help you implement a passwordless solution. Whether provisioning staff members on the first day, increasing or revoking privileges along the way or tracking who had access during a security event, Cloudience can help you setup and manage your identity system. 

Assess Requirements
Identity and Access Management Tools
  • Provisioning and deprovisioning users
  • Role Based Access management (RBA)
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Password management & vaulting
  • Single-sign-on
  • Go Passwordless
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Manage Compliance

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Cost Benefits of Cloudience

One Flat Fee

With managed services you can expect a predictable low monthly rate for unlimited IT support

No New Salaries 

Add an entire IT department for a fraction of the cost of bringing on just one additional full time IT resource & no need to manage them!

Lower Hourly Rates

Not only did we start with the lowest industry avg pricing but with a managed plan, get projects done with further reduced hourly rates.

Rapid ROI

On average our clients see a 10% return on investment year 1 with many realizing savings on month 1 with strategic partnerships

CapEx or OpEx 

Flexibility to make strategic up front purchase or go the operating expenses model via cloud service

Time is Money

The unseen cost benefits of Cloudience include saying goodbye to downtime, outages and unproductive staff 

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IT Support


Our staff and technology looks after your staff and technology so you can be free to focus on what your business is all about.

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