We look after the IT to run and grow your Practice

Cloudience is right for healthcare professionals who want to work without frustration. Our knowledge of best practices in healthcare information protection helps us design solutions that prepare your team for confident yet productive work, while safeguarding ePHI and other sensitive data. We setup workflows that ensure data is highly available, protected from malware and encrypted wherever it rests or travels. 

Add skilled IT experts to your existing team without the need to train and manage them yourself.

Gain all the benefits of your own IT department without the cost or worry of staffing and managing them yourself.

Get help starting up or growing your practice.


US-Based, Remote & Onsite Support

Your Doctors, Front Office Staff, Medical Assistants and other critical staff now have a resource that can rescue them from their day to day IT hang ups.

✓ PACS Administration & VPN Assistance

Make decisions, transfer vendors, save time and save money with an IT partner that knows PACS viewers, servers and VPNs across the board for secure transfer of all imaging modalities.

✓ Practice Management, Billing Platforms & EMR Support

Choose the best software, setup new employees, send patient reminders, maximize billing processes and enable your staff to work at their best.

✓ Secure Firewalls & Encrypted Communications

Protecting ePHI and sensitive individually identifiable data is essential to patient safety as well as a long term growth strategy. Cloudience provides the tools and training to keep all your data safely secured.

✓ HIPAA Support with Risk Assessments

An ePHI breach is a nightmare scenario, and Cloudience provides the peace of mind you need as it helps with compliance by ensuring that nothing goes amiss in this sensitive area!

✓ Network, Endpoint and Dark Web Scans

Cloudience provides frequent internal and external network vulnerability scans to test security controls keeping bad actors out of your networks and alerting your to potentially threatening situations.

✓ Security Awareness Training

We can train your staff equipping them to function productively & securely operating according to documented IT policies, avoiding common threats and meeting HIPAA compliance requirements.

✓ 24/7, 365 Security Monitoring

Our comprehensive approach means we serve your business day and night proactively and responsively monitoring your systems and responding as your IT department even when you are not aware.

✓ Digital Transformation for Effortless Workflows

At the end of the day, simplified workflow and unhindered productivity avails the best outcomes. Cloudience assures all bases are met with emphasis on strategic consulting that finds opportunities to increase the overall productivity of your staff.


Experience with vendors you trust

Healthcare IT Vendors

Re-Think your healthcare IT support 


A Match Made in the Clouds

We have lots of experience with the following healthcare nuances:

Security & Compliance

  • Security and Compliance
  • HIPAA 
  • SRA – Risk Assessments
  • Encryption In Transit and at Rest
  • Customer Driven Regulations
  • M365
  • Google Workspace

Healthcare Requirements

  • PACS Administration, VPN
  • Transcription
  • Automated Patient Reminders
  • EMR / EHR
  • Vendor Management
  • Asset Management
  • CapEx to OpEx

Complex Enterprise Systems

  • We focus on complexities other IT companies steer away from
  • Robust ERPs & EMRs with multiple servers
  • Entities spread across many sites
  • Highly mobile and guarded workforces
  • Industry machines ie: CNC, XRay, Merchant, Shipping
  • Larger entities with sophisticated needs 

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