No longer supported or compliant?

Have you had a similar conversation recently? Perhaps you’ve figured out its time to plan an upgrade due to windows end of life, device deprecation, product lifecycle, end of support or sunsetting.

Dont leave your entity high and dry in terms of security and compliance

Old devices and operating systems are the prime target of hackers on the prowl to exploit devices left wide open to known vulnerabilities. Every regulatory compliance requirement mandates your systems be kept up to date and patched as a first level of defence.

Let Cloudience help you plan, upgrade or transition from out-of-date technology, while meeting budget requirements.

Cloudience provides all of the benefits of an internal MIS department without the cost of staffing one yourself. You can hire an IT staff member, but with Cloudience you get an entire team for a fraction of that cost.

Key Cost Benefits:

✓ Below Industry Average Pricing
Cloudience offers IT services below the industry standard hourly price model for professional service

✓ One Flat Fee
With managed services you can expect a predictable low monthly rate for unlimited IT support

✓ Hire an IT Department
If you like, hire Cloudience as your IT team for a fraction of the cost of employing just one full time IT worker

Switching IT providers, starting a new project or just need support? Call now 855-8CLOUD9 or just reach out below