Top Reasons to Avoid Site Builders

Post Covid 19 businesses are rushing to make website design changes. Here are the top reasons to avoid using a site builder to run your business:

Dead giveaway that you did not invest in a designed website.

The first impression of many in the millenial age of techies is that you did not care to invest in a properly designed website. This dovetails into the next reason not to use a site builder

Limited Design Uniqueness

Let’s face it. Your business needs to stand out from the sea of cloned websites. Site builders generally offer cookie cutter templates that don’t really resonate as unique. When you’re ready to make simple changes to your site builder homepage design, you’ll quickly feel the walls closing in.   

Limited Integration Options

In today’s heterogeneous Cloud, SaaS and marketing integrations you are sure to want to make your website work and automate tasks for you. There are so many new modules, plugins, scripts and languages brought to the table almost weekly. Some integrations are vital to your business. Building with a site builder keeps you limited to only those features that your host offers. For this reason alone, site builders will not support most growing businesses.

Not Great for SEO

You’re stuck with the bandwidth, speed and performance limitations of your site builder. When you are ready to get serious and make your site more robust, you will not be able to grow outside of their plans. Site builders are built for the masses. They don’t necessarily keep up with Google’s algorithm changes and generally don’t have what you need under the hood to respond to those changes quickly. Site builders may not be mobile responsive, enable caching and speed performance upgrades or simplify SEO activities. If SEO is your primary interest you may avoid site builders from the start. 

Your Stuck

Time is money. Time spent building your sitebuilder is time invested in a proprietary solution that you can not move away from. If you find your site builders service or costs to no longer be a good investment, you have no options to pack up and take your site to another host. Most site builders will not allow you to migrate your website to another host.  


So there you have it! If you would like one of us a Cloudience to suggest the right solution based on your industry or purpose feel free to give us a call or schedule a free 15 minute session!