Cloudience Managed Private Cloud

Unifi Your Technology with One Service

Cloudience‘s CloudCare service offers a secure platform for enabling trust fabrics for organizations with multicloud workloads. CloudCare provides a comprehensive suite of secure integration services, including automation, monitoring, and reporting, to ensure secure and reliable access to services and data. Additionally, CloudCare provides clients with best practices and recommendations for how to keep their trust fabric secure and properly maintained. With CloudCare, organizations can trust that their data and services are secure, no matter where they are hosted.

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IT Support
Cloud NVR Backup

Trust Fabric for your Multi-Cloud

CloudCare reduces the risk of vendor lock-in while driving a secure trust fabric that connects your multicloud workload. With CloudCare we’ll manage your secure authentication, authorization, identity management, access control, and integration services. 

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Security & Compliance

CloudCare provides best practice and recommendations to ensure secure and reliable access to services and data. We utilize top shelf vendors, ensure patch management and watch over all of your workloads 24/7/365.

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Dark Web Monitoring
Cloud NVR Backup

Backup and Continuity

Cloudience performs, manages and tests all necessary backups including server snapshots, 3-2-1 setups, and cloud continuity systems ensuring data can be retrieved in the event of a catastrophic failures or zero day attacks.

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Full or Co-Managed

IT Support Services

We look after your team and business 24/7 so you can operate secure, productive and confidently.

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