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Cloudience offers simple yet powerful email encryption as a stand alone service or as part of our advanced cyber security offerings.

Simple to Use [Bracket] Email encryption

Painless encrypted email. Just wrap the subject in brackets and send.

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Highly Secured & Compliant Email

Messages are encrypted using AES-256 standards and geographically distributed keys. The email encryption standards we employ to secure your email data are state of the art. Bracket is built on a distributed, multi-layer AES-256 encryption design with automatic key rotation. This means you never have to wonder if your data is safe.

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Email Encryption

Amazing Flexibility

Send secure encrypted email and safely transfer files from any email app or web browser.. 

Securely sign in without a password

Simply request to sign in using your email address, then click the secure link from your inbox (the same way password resets are handled most of the time). Bracket bakes in extra security to maintain the highest email encryption standards, so it’s actually more secure than password logins.

Expiring, one-time-use links

Bracket sign-in links expire 15 minutes after being delivered. In addition, each sign-in link only works once, so you never have to worry about someone rummaging through your inbox and opening old links.

Geolocation of sign-in requests

As an additional layer of security, sign-in request notifications also include the requesting device IP and approximate location.

Advanced device fingerprinting

Sign-in links will only work from the device that originally requested access. If a different device attempts to sign in, the link is invalidated and the session is blocked.

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Mobile Email Encryption
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IT Support

For a Cloud Workforce

Cloudience enables your remote workforce with 24/7 rapid US-based support to free your team and budget of IT woes.

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