CloudSentinel is a comprehensive security service that provides protection for all your assets, including physical, virtual, and cloud. With 24/7/365 managed security operations, and human-led threat hunting, CloudSentinel has everything your hybrid workforce needs to stay protected from all kinds of cyber threats.

Guarding the perimeter is no longer secure enough. Your team needs defense everywhere they work.

In 2024 your business operates from work, home and distributed locations or what we know as “remote work”. In such environments, decision makers hope their team’s activities fly under the radar of serious threats. Meanwhile, attackers are well aware of these exposed conditions. Each interaction leaves a digital footprint that is tracked by bad actors. Your staff, website, network & systems are all being targets for the most opportunistic timing.

With over 90 million unique strains of malware, ransomware, variants of spam, spoofing and bot attacks, small and medium businesses are more vulnerable than ever. Are you prepared with a playbook when your staff accidentally clicks a bad link? Do you have an incident response plan when sensitive devices are lost or stolen? Are you sure your staff has only the amount of access they need and know what to do when an incident occurs? 

Cloudience provides a comprehensive strategy for assessing, defending and targeting these threats proactively. We fortify our clients with advanced tools and tactics pairing with the industry’s top vendors and best practices to address vulnerabilities and mitigate risks that threaten your business, clients and reputation.

Is my Business at Risk?

Business Standstill

In order to best determine your business’ ability to function in the face of a security incident, ask yourself the following question: If you or your staff were to lose laptops & mobile phones or servers tomorrow, would your business be able to operate? Usually the answer is “No” or “I don’t no.” Cyber attacks such as ransomware can have the same effect as companywide lost or stolen devices. Unless your business operates exclusively in a managed private cloud, secured scenario, chances are there are very important contacts, vendors, proposals and data that would cause some or all of your business operations to come to a complete standstill until the situation is remediated.

Another question you might ask is if your company, client or financial data were to be stolen and exposed on the dark web, what kind of impact can that make on your overall business. Data can be leaked, lost or altered rendering a myriad of consequences to the unprepared. A staggering amount of businesses that were subject to a backup failure or data loss as a result of a hacking incident go out of business within 9 months of the initial breach.

Businesses are governed by one or more regulatory requirements intended to preserve and safeguard data. HIPAA & HITECH cover health information technology privacy and security protections for patient records. SOX, GLBA and PCI-DSS all govern various financial and public sector financial and securities practices. CMMC, ITAR, DFARS relate to department of defense and controlled unclassified information (CUI) All businesses, however are required to protect personally identifiable information and fall into one or more requirement categories of confidentiality, integrity and availability of that data, protecting it from loss, alteration, leak or abuse. Ask yourself what regulatory fines would you face in the event of a breach?

How would a data breach affect your relationship with existing clients? How would a publicized incident affect your reputation?

We also review our Client’s E&O Insurance which typically requires a properly managed network, backup management, patch management, auditing and a security response plan in place that is regularly reviewed. Cloudience provides all of this protection in one simple managed service plan.


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Cloudience managed security for next generation threat response. 


CloudSecure is the essential business security suite of software and services offered as a stand alone or with CloudCare, our fully managed IT service plan. CloudSecure includes:

  • Cloud-based endpoint security
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Identity & access management
  • SSO and 2FA management
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Cloud Email Filtering

CloudSentinel is our advanced managed security operations center which protects your business from endless and evolving threats with a 24/7 Security Operaetions Center.

  • Managed Threat Detection & Response
  • Security Operations Center
  • Threat intelligence reporting
  • Password vaulting & management
  • Email data loss prevention

Let us conduct a security analysis of your business IT posture. We can discover immediate vulnerabilities with security controls, email accounts, patches, and data that should immediately be locked down. 

✓ A free virtual security assessment

✓ Initial tips and best practice suggestions from professionals

✓ Valuable recommendations for cost saving opportunities