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Zoom Phone officially launched in 2019 to address the opportunity for business phones tied to an already trusted Zoom line of products. Cloudience makes transitioning to Zoom frictionless.

4 million Zoom Phone seats sold

Not only is Zoom phone a great option for companies that already Zoom Meetings, but the numbers already prove market enthusiasm for the product. Surpassing 4 million zoom seats sold by 2022 for a product announced in 2019. 

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Zoom Phone
Zoom Phone Integrations

A single communications platform with global reach

Do more with a single platform for all your communications. Zoom Phone allows you consolidate costs, simplify user adoption and enable interoperable features such as “escalate call to meeting.”

Zoom added 189 telephony features alone in 2021, while covering 7 languages and PSTN replacement in 45+ countries with BYOC outside those areas.

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Zoom emerges as a quality leader in UCaaS

Zoom brings a competitive solution to a market with the highest rated voice quality in several quality test categories. Wainhouse Lab Evaluation showed Zoom outperformed its competition in audio quality.

The Zoom platform has been recognized by GartnerFrost & Sullivan, and Omdia. A second time Magic Quadrant Leader with Gartner in 2021.  

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Zoom Phones

IT Support

For a Cloud Workforce

Cloudience enables your remote workforce with 24/7 rapid US-based support to free your team and budget of IT woes.

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