Reopen Lost Browser Tabs

Today I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to recover closed tabs in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Internet explorer. Have you ever been working in a browser and you accidentally closed out of a tab several tabs, or even an entire window with multiple tabs And you wish you could quickly get those back? You actually can, it’s really easy, so today lets learn how.

So if you happen to close a tab accidentally, no problem. To get it back, simply hold Ctrl and Shift, and press T. You’ll see that tab comes right back. If you close out of two, three, or even more tabs, just hold Ctrl and Shift, and press T as many times as you need to get all those tabs back

But what if you close an entire window? You can get that window and all of the tabs back, the same way. Just launch your browser again and once it’s open hold Ctrl + Shift, and press T. You’ll see all your tabs restored

These same steps also work with Edge and Internet explorer.

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